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Frequently Asked Questions

BLUECHEW services are not covered under insurance, but is available at 50%-80% off retail cost of traditional sildenafil and tadalafil, making them more affordable and accessible to consumers. Typically our patients pay less for their BLUECHEW treatment than they would when going to their primary care provider and using their insurance.

The BLUECHEW affiliated provider will need to verify your identity to review and prescribe your medication. In order to confirm your identity, you will be asked to take a selfie from your computer or phone and to hold up your government-issued ID at the same time. This shows our provider that your face matches your ID. If you are having trouble taking your picture, please send our support team an email with an attachment of your ID to and we’re happy to upload it onto your account!

It depends on what state you reside in. After checkout, you will be asked to start a live video chat with one of the BLUECHEW affiliated medical providers.

BLUECHEW affiliated providers are a complement to, not a replacement of, your primary care provider. It is important for you to keep all of your providers involved in your care up to date on your health and all medications.

Once your profile has been verified, please allow the provider 1-2 business days to review your chart. If it has been longer than 2 business days, please reach out to the medical team at

Just like any in-person doctor in a hospital or clinic, as a patient, you are responsible for providing accurate and honest answers regarding your health. If approved for the medication, you are required to read instructions before taking the medication, so that you understand the proper usage and treatment. These instructions are included in each subscription order or you can access those instructions. If you are unsure of the instructions or have questions on how to take the medication, please email our medical team at, before taking the medication.

Yes. Every medication is prescribed by a BLUECHEW affiliated provider who is licensed to treat in your state and complies with all telemedicine state laws.