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CCPA - Do Not Sell My Info

Just to clarify, we don't actually sell any of your information. Your personal data, your medical records, and your financial transactions with us are all completely private. We do share a small amount of information with our advertising partners, to help them advertise to people who have visited our site, and to let them know which advertising channels are working.

Specifically, we partner with advertisers that deliver targeted advertisements. To do this, they collect limited identifiers and information about network activity from our services. That partnership may be considered a "sale" under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). To opt out of this type of "sale", click the "Submit Request" button.

If you are logged in, this preference will be saved and applied on any device you use to log in. If you are not logged in, or do not have a user account, your preference will only apply to the browser you are using now. If you clear your cookies and cache, you may need to opt-out again.

For more information, please see our privacy policy