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BlueChew definitely gives me a sense of confidence. And you know Maleni is always down when the BlueChew’s around :)quote

Chicklet H.F

Comedian / Influencer

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Johnny D.

five star rating

I initially believed that Blue Chew was just another product making grand promises to take your money. However, I have to admit that this product actually works. It was incredibly convenient to obtain the product without having to visit a private doctor. As a veteran, I am unsure if they even prescribe this product. Whether or not they decide to do so, this company has shown a commitment to the well-being of all individuals in uniform, and I am thankful for that. To conclude, I must express my admiration for the outstanding product.

Michael C.

five star rating

I was specifically told by my wife to make sure to write a review. We have been together for 14 years, last night I tried blue chew for the first time. All WE both can say is WOW!!! Neither of us have experience this kind of performance by me before. She has told me at least 5 times in the 3 hours we have been awake this morning how amazing last night was. Thank you blue chew for giving me the assistance needed to be the best version of myself in the bedroom. Last night was the first time I have ever felt like I performed like I should. My confidence level has shot through the roof.

Braxton S.

five star rating

Thank you so much for having such a reasonable price for your AMAZING product, just wanted to give a shout-out because it's impacted my sex drive with my girlfriend in the most positive way, even says it seems bigger and harder!

Keith D.

five star rating

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t had sex in years where I didn’t have to concentrate on myself to try to keep it up. It works so good I can actually enjoy it and watch her enjoying it more than she ever has the whole time we’ve been together. Married 12 years. Thank you very much.

Jeff S.

five star rating

I was doing a bit of research into the various different companies offering Viagra and erectile dysfunction alternatives and whether any of them would actually be useful or effective for me. BlueChew’s initial offer and some interesting ads and recommendations from podcasts and YouTube channels I follow convinced me to give BlueChew a shot. I’m extremely pleased with the results, despite having been dubious at the beginning. Not only did it work exactly as advertised, but it managed to restore a sense of confidence for me in the bedroom that I hadn’t even fully realized I’d been missing. This has been both a physical and psychological boost, and I’m truly grateful to BlueChew for that. Thank you!

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Shane W.

five star rating

OMG!!! Thank you so much BLUECHEW!!! You definitely blew it out of the water, my wife is so happy I found your product!!! Thank you so much!!! So Happy!!!

Thomas M.

five star rating

The support is excellent. I'm more than satisfied. Keep up the great work pleasing your customers

Tommy S.

five star rating

Yes blue chewables are working great thanks

David T.

five star rating


Jose A.

five star rating

thank you for being very quick and accessible, i have yet to receive my package im so excited