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Frequently Asked Questions

To update your shipping or billing address, please log into your BLUECHEW account and go to the "Profile" tab. There will be a section there to edit your billing / shipping address.

To update your payment method, log into your BLUECHEW account, go to the "Profile" tab, and click "Edit Payment Method".

You can change your subscription at any time to Tadalafil, Sildenafil, or Vardenafil, or you can try a different dose of the medication that you already receive. To switch subscriptions, log into your account and click "Switch Plan" in your MY PLAN section under the “Membership” tab.

Yes. Please go to the "Membership" tab and click the "Put On Hold" button in the "Status" section. This will deactivate your account and you will not be charged anything going forward. However, we will always be here to answer your questions. There is NO contract, NO hidden fees, and NO gimmicks.