The 7 Best Foods to Eat Before Sex (and 4 to Avoid)

The internet has no shortage of tricks and hacks that are purported to turn otherwise dull sex into an amazing experience. But if you’re subsisting on a diet of frozen pizza, donuts, and beer, you’re not giving yourself a solid chance.

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How Your Sex Life and Your Diet Are Linked

Food is fuel. What you put into your body can affect your mental wellness, your physical fitness, and yes, your sex life. Being a picky eater ahead of a night of pent-up passion could be the difference between a lackluster performance and a session that you may never forget.

Your diet can directly impact your sexual health, according to a 2019 study published in the National Library of Medicine. Whether it’s lowering your risk of sexual dysfunction, supercharging your sex drive, or giving you better stamina, the food choices you make during the day can affect your nighttime activities.

2. Dark Chocolate

Sweet, sensual, and seductive, dark chocolate certainly doesn’t have an image problem. Infamous for being a natural aphrodisiac, snacking on this delicious treat ahead of a night of fun is an obvious choice.

Aside from tickling your tastebuds and getting you in the mood, dark chocolate could help things run smoothly below the belt. The reason is simple: cocoa is a flavonoid-rich ingredient that can improve erectile function.

3. Coffee

Everyone knows coffee wakes up your brain, but it can wake up your penis too. Caffeine has been demonstrated to relax the arteries, thus improving blood flow to muscles (that includes your penis).

If you're a fan of morning sex, you might want to brew an extra pot of joe.

4. Red wine

If you head to the bar on date night to order a nightcap, what’s your order going to be? In this choose-your-own-adventure scenario, go for a glass of red wine. Rich in antioxidants, experts have long suggested that a glass may support heart health.

But the benefits don’t end there. Not only will wine give you a little Dutch courage, but it’s also rich in flavonoids. That may mean including red wine as part of a balanced diet can help your overall performance in bed.

5. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are packed with nutrients that can aid sexual function. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and all nine essential amino acids including l-arginine which boosts blood flow and promotes sperm health.

Pumpkin seeds are also known for promoting prostate health, which means that they could enhance your sexual performance and lead to healthier hormone function. Sprinkle these bad boys on top of salad or keep a stash on your nightstand.

6. Pomegranate Juice

Enhancing your mood, sexual desire, and increasing your salivary testosterone levels, pomegranate juice is a winner. It’s packed with vitamin C and has three times more antioxidants than red wine and green tea. Researchers are buzzing about antioxidants’ role in combating erectile dysfunction and infertility, so stock up next time you’re in the juice aisle.

7. Beets

Beets are gaining traction among athletes to improve their performance on the field, but it might improve performance in the bedroom as well.

These purplish-red root vegetables have a high concentration of nitrates, which your body converts into nitric oxide. This widens the blood vessels, which in theory can help with blood flow to your muscles (i.e. your penis) for stronger erections.

If you can't bring yourself to chow down on raw beets (we don't blame you) go for beet powder or beet juice to get the same benefits.

4 Types of Foods to Avoid Before Sex

We’ve covered the best foods to eat before sex, so now it’s time for a word of warning. If you’ve got a night of fun on the horizon, there are some meals and snacks you may want to avoid. In general, ingredients that make you feel bloated, sluggish, or gassy should be on your no-go list.

  • Carb-rich foods (these can make you sleepy and sluggish)
  • Beans and legumes (the extra fiber can make you gassy)
  • Onions and garlic (notorious culprits of bad breath and body odor)
  • Cheese and dairy products (which cause bloating)

Ditch the options above and swap them for a plate full of healthy fats, leafy greens, and fruit. The more you nourish your body, the better you may perform.

Better Sex Begins With Better Food

Your body is a finely tuned machine, and it’s time you started fueling up with the right foods before getting down to business. That said, even the most finely-tuned diet might not unlock your maximum potential in the bedroom.

For men who qualify, a dose of Sildenafil or Tadalafil from BlueChew along with a healthy diet might be the recipe for stronger, longer-lasting erections. In other words, beets and pumpkin seeds aren’t the only things you can chew on to help achieve more satisfying sex.

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